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Brodie's Monthly Tips



My tip to any shooter beginner or advanced is to not focus on shooting FAST!
Speed alone won’t win you matches.
The key to winning your grade or the match is consistency.
In order to be consistent you need to be Smooth, Controlled and Deliberate.
A deliberate controlled shot will always be faster then a hurried shot followed by a rushed back up!!!
Consistency leads to efficiency and the result of efficiency is SPEED! 

Take The Time It Takes & It Will Take Less Time.

-On The Line-

Being ready to shoot when you step to the line can require a lot of preparation depending on the difficulty of the stage…..

  • Reading the stage
  • Choosing the best option
  • Remembering the target sets
  • Programming your walk through


These things can take a while to master, but a good tip for now to calm your nerves and focus your mind on the task at hand is :- when the RO give you the command “Competitor Ready Stand By” on the STAND BY take a long continuous breath in through your nose to charge your lungs, ready to launch into action on the buzzer.

Simple but affective, this works for me. Also on the Stand By, this may sound a little obvious but don’t wait for the BEEP listen for it instead, this way the moment you start to hear it you will react.

The key to achieving an accurate fast first shot is with a fast reaction time combined with good technique and a SMOOTH Draw. A good draw is important, but don’t get too hung up on chasing a lightning fast first shot, don’t forget its not about how fast you get first shot off , but how fast you can get to your last shot that matters.


Next Month -Getting A Good Grip-



The biggest hurdle most people face when going to the range to practice is not only what to practice but how!

Most people set up drills mostly because they’ve been told this is how you practice, but if you just set up drills and happily shoot away all day you can run the risk of training hard for no result.

Don’t believe the myth that “Practice Makes Perfect” because only “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.” That being said drills are how we develop skill sets.

The potential problem comes with not fully understanding the “WHY Factor” – Why am I doing this drill? and what am I hoping to achieve? After all if you don’t know why you're doing something how do you know if you're doing it right, and if you're not getting it right, how can you expect to get better! Shooting repetitive drills WILL develop skills, you just need to be sure they're the ones you want.

The next time you set up a drill take some time to think about the WHY, and whether or not the way you're shooting the drill is giving you the skills you want.


-Practical Practice-

What do I mean by this, well for example Reloads! – Re-loading is a very important skill especially now in Australia
because of 10 round magazines.

A lot of people practice their reloads standing flat footed in front of a target. Why??

How often do we find this in a stage, or match, for that matter? The majority of reloads are done on the move so why not  practice them on the move, preferably in the first step.

Why is getting a reload done early in that first step critical??

The re-load will be smoother and therefore faster, you will move faster from position to position, and be ready to shoot when you get there.