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2010 Australian Nationals - Stage 15

Australian Nationals PERTH 2010
Stage 15
26 Round Comstock


The best way to shoot this stage was to find the straight lines with the least amount of direction changes.




Stage 15 was another interesting stage where we found ourselves running back up range.

Because the bulk of the movement was up range and then across the 180o this was the biggest determining factor of how I shot this stage.

Being right handed it is easer to re-load going to the right across the 180o, this eliminates any concern with muzzle direction and allows you to move freely into the shooting positions.

The way I shot this stage was standing at the start position, with my feet in a fairly wide stance so when I picked my gun off the table I was in a position to see both targets without having to move.


P1020572 P1020573


After engaging these two targets I turned to the right keeping the gun pointed directly down range at chest height, the reason I chose to go to the right into position 2 was because it was a much faster set up as the gun was already pointed towards the targets when I got into position, this also gave me a better line into position 3, keeping me well clear of the walls.

P1020575 P1020576

From position 2 I re-loaded still facing down range, this enabled me to turn and run freely into position 3 without having to be concerned with breaking 180o while trying to move up range. A slight pause in this case was negated by the fact my focus was on running hard to the next shooting position and not reloading on the way.



From position 3 it was a quick reload into position 4, it was critical to get the re-load done early in the first step because the transition from position 3 into position 4 was not far, a bad re-load here would mean arriving into position 4 not ready to shoot.



Another re-load and it was a straight line into position 5 to finish the stage.                           




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