Behind every elite competitor, there is a dedicated group of suppliers and manufacturers that provide continual support. Without the support and continued commitment of the below sponsors, it would be difficult to obtain and maintain the results that have been achieved to date by Brodie.

For their continued support, it is important that these organisations be recognised for what they have done to help Brodie and also the sport. If you have any questions regarding any of the equipment that Brodie uses, please feel free to submit your question to "Ask Brodie".


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 At Edge Firearm Imports, we are competitive action shooters. This gives us a close insight into what works and lets us see, first hand, the quality of the parts we sell.

Our goal is to bring you these guns, parts, and accessories at the best prices and ship them to you as quickly as possible.

Not only do we offer some of the best prices available, but we probably have exactly what you're looking for in stock.

We maintain a large inventory of STI guns and we offer top-of-the-line gunsmithing services to ensure you get the pistol of your dreams.

Also, if you want some aftermarket modifications, we have the expertise to complete them.

At Edge Firearm Imports, we strive to offer the highest quality products, at the best prices anywhere. Don't hesitate to call or send us an email about any of your shooting needs.






In the 1980's the founder of STI, Virgil Tripp was hand crafting competition 1911 pistols using basically the same components and techniques of other gunsmiths of that era.

Because of the need for improvement, Tripp research inc., now STI International, led the firearms industry into the precision world of "EDM" hammers, sears and other components.

From this highly successful line of precision components, STI then pioneered the "MODULAR" frame which provided a multitude of desirable features such as a 30 lpi full checked grip assembly,

25 lpi checkered trigger guard, 35% weight reduction, less felt recoil, higher capacity, and repeatable dimensions.

Then STI introduced complete pistols of such quality they quickly became the standard by which other I.P.S.C. firearms and fine "carry" guns are measured.

Now STI leads the industry again with precision subassemblies in progressive stages of factory completion. Using "EDM" and "CNC" machine tools and precision grinding equipment,

STI can supply fitted slide/frames or shortblocks to which gunsmiths of all skill levels can add their own finishing touches at a very reasonable cost.

In the Future STI will continue improving and introducing new products to you our valued customer.






Built for speed, these High Performance red dot sights will take your shooting ability to the next level. By using a single red dot as an aiming point, target acquisition is as simple as point and shoot.

The unique Heads-Up-Display (HUD) design provides an unlimited field of view, while eliminating obstruction and tunnel vision common to tube style scopes.






Starline prides itself on producing the highest quality brass case available. With a production process focused on quality not quantity, Starline makes the finest brass and has for more than 27 years.

It is our unique manufacturing process and the commitment of our team of employees that distinguish us from the competition.







Hawkesbury River Bullet Company (HRBC) is one of the oldest and most respected Hard cast projectile manufacturer in Australia. We pride ourselves on our reputation as being the highest quality projectiles available.




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Tachyon OPS Full-HD 1080p Sport Cameras

The smallest and lightest helmet cameras on the market, The Tachyon OPS Full-HD 1080pminiature cameras are perfect for easy and unobtrusive filming of sports and action videos.

Tachyon helmet cams come in four different full-HD 1080p versions, designed to target your specific needs:

Tachyon OPS HD for general sport video. Great for cold weather sports as well.
Tachyon BikerCam System for motorcycle video and dash cam recording.
Tachyon GunCam Bundle for mounting on almost any gun you own.
Tachyon GunCam for Sport Shooting: the camera of choice for the world's best sport shooters.

Our high-dynamic image sensors and a wide-angle lenses give users clear, un-distorted helmet camera video from even low-light situations.

The ideal sports cams for filming in extreme conditions, Tachyon helmet cams can take on a all of your adventures and bring back the footage.

The rechargeable batteries for our cameras come built in for shockproof reliability and economy.





Höppner & Schumann is a long-time manufacturer of Holsters, Law Enforcement Equipment and Gear for Personal Protection. With the beginning of 2014 we streamlined our product-line and all products with the competitive shooter in mind are merged together under the new Dynamic Line.

Höppner & Schumann Dynamic offers every needful gear for todays fast-paced competition circuit.

We use modern materials like Kydex for our gear and besides good old handcraft we also bank on newest manufacturing techniques, for example water jet cutting.

So feel free to browse our product line and we would love to welcome you back as a customer.



Rudy Project Official




Iron will, strong nerve, concentration and perfect sight. The shooter is an athlete of patience, because haste is the enemy of every good shot. So are the light, wind, dust and insects, which may adversely affect the vital concentration of the athlete.

This is why Rudy Project offers a series of specific shooting sunglasses.

The shooting glasses Rudy Project produces ensure:

  • perfect fit thanks to our ergonomic design and total comfort system, which provides adjustable temple arms and nosepiece systems
  • optimal ventilation with technically superior ventilation systems which is key in a sport featuring speeds that may not be extreme, but still require clear vision with no-fogging
  • perfect vision in any environment thanks to our interchangeable lenses (on most models)
  • super lightweight, thanks to the use of innovative materials such as kynetium, grilamid, carbon and titanium, and an open frame design
  • protection from wind, dust and shocks due to falls thanks to our ImpactX™ lens technology, guaranteed unbreakable for life
  • Shooting glasses allow a perfect vision in all weather and light conditions with RP Optics lenses, which offer total protection from the sun, and the photochromic lenses, capable of handling the various spectrums of light during an entire day (morning to evening)




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Only PRO EARS models of electronic hearing protection/amplification muffs feature 'DLSC™' Dynamic Level Sound Compression Technology. This superior technology allows the wearer to hear every sound even during high volume noise spikes. While other brands say they have 'compression' technology, they do not. What they do have is outdated technology, either 'Peak Clipping' or 'Automatic Level Control'. 'Peak Clipping' turns the amplification system off when noise levels reach a preset decibel leaving the wearer with passive muffs. 'ALC' simply reacts to high noise levels by lowering the unit's volume so the louder sounds still drown out softer sounds. In both technologies loud noise levels compromise the ability to hear quieter sounds. Only Ridgeline's 'DLSC' technology protects hearing while at the same time allowing the wearer to hear lower volume sounds such as normal conversation. 'DLSC' works by instantly 'compressing' all noises over the 70 dB threshold by 50% to a safe level while amplifying all sounds below that to 70 dB. The result is the wearer will hear everything, including conversation, while simultaneously being protected from dangerous, high volume sounds. 






About Us

Australian Munitions is the largest supplier of explosive ordnance to the Australian Defence Force, with a successful track record delivering ammunition, propellants, explosives and related services. We are also a principal supplier of small arms ammunition to the New Zealand Defence Force. Australian Munitions also produces high quality propellant and ammunition for military and civilian domestic and international customers.

Australian Munitions can trace its ammunition heritage back to the late 19th century, through the establishment of the Colonial Ammunition Company in Victoria and played a key role restructuring the Australian munitions manufacturing industry landscape over the final decade of the 20th century.

Manufacturing is based at two main regional sites - Benalla in Victoria and Mulwala in New South Wales. Our Benalla site produces ammunition, explosive ordnance and other munitions, while the Mulwala site focuses on high quality propellants and explosives. The company possesses the management depth and expertise, know-how and resources strength necessary to manage Australia's domestic munitions manufacturing with confidence and safety well into the future.

ADI Powders

ADI Powders cater for the full range of burning rate requirements from the fast burning handgun and shotgun powders to the very slow large calibre rifle powders. The shotgun powders are disc powders, double base in composition, covering a wide range of applications in 12, 20 and 28 gauge loads. All the shotgun powders are exceptionally clean burning.

ADI handgun powders are smaller diameter disc powders manufactured for uniform metering through powder loaders. The faster burning powders are double base in composition for increased energy. The slower burning powders are single base for use in heavy loads. All the handgun powders are exceptionally clean burning when loaded correctly.

The rifle powders are single perforated tubular propellants of single base composition. Australian Munitions's experience in developing powders for the Australian Defence Force has shown that powders with these characteristics are suitable for use in extreme climatic conditions. Consequently, all the rifle powders have, as a feature, ballistic temperature independence; that is, velocities and pressures do not vary greatly with ambient temperature. This is a unique and major advantage over the performance of other manufacturer's rifle powders. In addition, the ADI powders all have good loading characteristics with respect to bulk density and uniformity of metering through powder loaders. They are also very clean burning at normal loads.

The new Trail Boss propellant is single base in composition. It is shaped in discs with an obvious central hole which makes it easy to distinguish from other powders. The innovative propellant was designed to overcome the excessive space in your case for more consistent ballistic and safety performance.

All ADI powders are packed as UN class 1, Hazard Division 1.3C (mass fire risk). ADI powders are packed in 500 grams, 1kg, 1.5kg, 2kg, or 4kg containers, depending upon the type of powder. Australian Munitions is Australia's leading manufacturer of high quality, proven powders for sporting applications.

Choose ADI Powders and "SHOOT WITH THE BEST".