About Brodie

About Brodie

about_brodie_1Brodie McIntosh was born in Cobram Victoria on the 16th of July 1974. Brodie displayed a keen interest in shooting and growing up on the family farm he was introduced to firearms at an early age. Growing up, he enjoyed many sports but fell into pistol shooting by accident. A school mate called in on his way to the Cobram Pistol Club back in 1993 and Brodie decided to tag a long for a look. The rest is history.

At the time, the Cobram Pistol Club was more a social club with the members just starting to shoot IPSC. about_brodie_2The club met on a Thursday night and after shooting everything that was on offer, Brodie was invited back on the weekend to have a go at this thing called IPSC. After seeing IPSC, Brodie couldn’t get his membership application in quick enough (back then you had to wait six long months before you could get your pistol license). A couple of months later he put a deposit down on a Smith and Wesson 686 revolver which was all he could afford at the time.

After a few weeks of shooting at the Cobram Pistol Club, Brodie went to his first competition held at Devenish in Victoria in 1993. Being his first competitive match, he was overwhelmed with nerves but was happy with the result, finishing 10th outright, competing against 30 other participants.

A few weeks later he travelled down to PPLA at Little River to shoot a two day state selection match. about_brodie_3Brodie was really overwhelmed with nerves, secretly wishing the car would break down or a freak storm would cancel the match, but to no avail. During the match Brodie wandered past the range the “God Squad” was shooting and was in awe of Ivan Relecki, Andrew Moss and Bob Wilhelm. Seeing how fast they could shoot was intimidating, but at the same time sparked his competitive nature and from there he set the goal to one day shoot at that level. Overcoming his nerves and armed with a belt and his pockets full of speed loaders, he finished well, taking out Top Revolver, 3rd Ungraded and only dropping 11 points over the two days.

After a few matches competing with the revolver, Brodie decided to buy his first open semi auto pistol in early 1994. Now equipped about_brodie_4with a Para .38super with a Tasco PDP3 scope, (built by Ivan Relicki, who was just starting up Relic Custom and was the second gun he ever built) Brodie took to the semi auto like a duck to water. Brodies skill level rose quickly, partly due to the fact he wasn’t weighed down by speed loaders anymore, going from ungraded to A grade within a few months.

Easter 1994, Brodie competed in his first Nationals in Canberra. At every opportunity Brodie would go and find where the “God Squad” was competing to watch Errol Thomas, Craig Ginger, Ed Danko, Ivan Relicki and the other members of the squad shoot. Brodie finished the match well and was awarded Top Rookie and was ecstatic on getting a 3rd place stage medal and finishing 48th outright.

about_brodie_5Soon after the 1994 nationals, Brodie set out to give Ivan a complex by taunting him with “I’m gunna beat you one day Ivan” at every opportunity. Brodie would sneak up behind him and say "I’m gunna beat you one day Ivan" to which he would reply “If you think you can go for it”. This provided Brodie the encouragement to try harder and it wasn’t long after that Brodie was re-graded to Master grade and snapping at Ivan’s heels, much to Ivan’s surprise.

1995: Brodie was selected for the Victorian State Team for the first time to shoot the Nationals about_brodie_6held in Dalby Qld. Brodie finished 4th outright and made it to his first top 16 shoot-off. The top 16 shoot-off was a big one. Hundreds of people came to watch because the Philippines top shooter, Jethro “The Jet” Dionisio, who was the world speed shooting champion at the time and fellow Australian Ross Newell who was second in the world were competing. Brodie found himself up against Ross in the semi final and was amazed to win the round with a best of two out of three win to get into the final. Brodie then found himself up against Errol Thomas who had taken out Jethro in the other semi. The final was a best of three out of five with Errol taking out the first string and Brodie following up by winning the next three runs. Brodie walked off range a little dazed and bewildered having won the final and the title of shoot off champion.

about_brodie_71996: Brodie was selected for the Australian team to compete at the World Shoot XI in Brazil. This being Brodie’s first time overseas, he found it to be a daunting experience especially shooting besides guys like Todd Jarrett, Rob Leatham and Jerry Barnhart who were at the time and still are Legends of the sport. Brodie finished a respectable 28th out of over 800 competitors.

1997 would see Brodie come close to winning his first National Title in Perth, but after leading the first two days disaster struck when the barrel cracked and the compensator came off midway through a 32 round Comstock. Brodie finished in 7th place outright after borrowing Ivan’s gun to finish the match.


1998 was the combined Australasian/National Handgun Championships held at about_brodie_9P.P.L.A Little River Melbourne. The four day event was only decided in the last couple of stages. A battle for 1st place between Brodie, Errol Thomas and Craig Ginger saw Brodie win the last stage to take out his first National title and Australasian Championship.


1999: Disaster struck again at the National’s in Darwin. Brodie was sighting in his gun the day before the match when he discovered his barrel was cracked again. He had to share a gun with Ivan, which was a completely different setup to what he was used to. Overcoming this set back Brodie finished 4th place outright.


2000 saw Brodie get back to the top of the IPSC national rankings and since then he has dominated the sport of IPSC in Australia winning an unprecedented 15 consecutive IPSC National Open Division Titles.